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The sands of Gandia are to host the Citrosol SUP Race for this most special of summers

Enthusiasm and anticipation abounded for this summer’s regatta off the sands of Gandia beach. The return to normality was palpable in the atmosphere surrounding the participants who had wanted to show their support for a sporting event that has been held every year at the beginning of the summer under the sponsorship of a local company from the La Safor region, such as Citrosol, one committed to the development and promotion of the region in which it has been based for more than half a century.

More than 80 participants registered to take part in the Citrosol SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Race guaranteeing the resounding success experienced last Sunday on the waters off l’Ahuir beach, a tried and tested location for such trials.

This is the 5th regatta that Gandia has hosted, out of a total of six editions. The Spanish Surfing Federation’s “La Liga Fesurfing CMS de SUP Race 2021”, organized races over four categories from 8 year olds, through amateurs to the highest level. Thus, Under 8’s and Under 10’s; 600 meters, Under 12’s and Under 14’s; 1,750 meters, Under 16’s and Promo (amateur); 3,500 meters and, finally, the Under 18’s and the Elite at 7,000 meters. The regatta was very well received, with the participation of around a hundred competitors from surf schools throughout the Valencian Community.

Citrosol is keen to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The sporting event was carried out following the appropriate Covid prevention protocols, such as disinfection of shoes, control of body temperature, social distancing and recommendations for the use of masks in certain spaces.

The Gandía Surf school was, once again, the organizer of this nautical event that brought such color to the sands of Gandia, all within the framework of a fun sporting environment, shining out particularly at a time such as now when we need events of this type to give a boost to the activity of this landmark municipality on the Valencian coast that has become the benchmark in the practice of paddle surf.

Citrosol is keen to promote a healthy lifestyle as shown by our sponsorship of this event and through our support of organizations such as 5 a day, GlobalG.A.P., Ailimpo, BIODiversity grow and WCO (World Citrus Organization).

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