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In the post-harvest treatment of the pome fruit, it is common to use water tippers, in the wash process to minimize mechanical damage, to apply fungicidal treatments and coatings; to avoid the appearance of decay, retard aging and scalding to extend their commercial life and therefore mitigate food waste.

Therefore, it is essential to properly program the operation of each system to achieve the desired results.

Water tippers:

The Wash is a critical point for decay control and food safety; it must ensure the inactivation or reduction of microorganisms pathogenic in pome fruit and/or humans to avoid cross contamination and reduce decay.

Citrocide® PC y Citrocide® PLUS formulations are broad spectrum biocides that control not just fungi, but also bacteria, yeasts and viruses. Their decomposition products are simply water and acetic acid, environmentally friendly substances, harmless to humans. Their use is authorized by AECOSAN as technological adjuvants plus they are certified for use in organic farming.

CITROCIDE SYSTEM® is equipped with software that can log and export the relevant dosing and control process information, ensuring detailed traceability. The continual measurement of the concentration of Citrocide® in the washing water and the automatic dosing of this allows us to guarantee the disinfection of the solution and its recirculation, drastically reducing the consumption of water and product, thus contributing to a reduction in the industry’s water footprint.

Fungicidal treatments:

Fungicide treatments are the most effective way to combat losses due to pathogens that may appear in pome fruit, post-harvest.


The coatings help improve the appearance of the fruit and contribute toward delaying some physiological processes such as aging, weight loss due to dehydration and blanching.

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