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There are a wide range of post-harvest practices for stone fruit. Depending on the type of cultivar and the processing lines of each client, hydrocoolers and/or water dumping are used to reduce pulp temperature and avoid mechanical damage being caused by in the dumping to the packing line. Temperature is a significant influencing factor in the post-harvest lifespan of these fruits, affecting respiration and transpiration rates, in addition, sometimes, fungicidal treatments also applied to avoid the onset of decay and extend commercial life.

Therefore, it is essential to properly program the operation of each system to achieve the desired results.

Water dumping:

The Wash is a CCP for decay control and food safety, so it must ensure the elimination of microorganisms pathogenic to stone fruit and humans, in order to avoid cross contamination and reduce decay.


Citrocide® PC and Citrocide® PLUS formulations are broad spectrum biocides that control not just fungi, but also bacteria, yeasts and viruses. Their use is authorized by AECOSAN as technological adjuvants and they are certified for use in organic farming.

Fungicidal treatments:

Each type of fruit has Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) depending on the destination country. Ask our technical team which fungicide treatment is best for your crop.

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