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Right from the outset and then during their time in transport, it is necessary to remember that produce is a living entity that continues to respire even after harvesting. When they respire, they produce carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and ethylene (C2H4). The elimination of ethylene during transport provides additional security to ensure arrival at destination in good condition.

Elimination of ethylene:

Ethylene is a gaseous hormone generated by all plant tissues. The hormone regulates the processes associated with the ripening and senescence of fruit and vegetables, thus its control is essential to regulate the ripening process of climacteric fruit.


The accumulation of said gas causes accelerated ripening and is therefore implicit in the loss of quality and a decrease in shelf life, which is usually manifest by loss of pulp firmness.
Furthermore, it has been shown that inhibiting the action of ethylene in some stone fruit species can reduce pulp browning and lessen chilling injury that occurs in transport and cold storage.


Ethylene removal is achieved through an absorbent that slows down ripening and also absorbs the volatile organic compounds responsible for odors.

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