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Line treatment

Washing of some tropical fruit, as is the case with avocado, constitutes a critical point for decay control and food safety. It must guarantee that pathogenic microorganisms do not accumulate in the washing machine and practically eliminate pathogenic microorganisms from the fruit’s surface so as to avoid cross contamination and proportion excellent decay control.

The coating of tropical fruit is considered every day to be a process that is more and more necessary as the application of a coating allows weight loss control, delays aging by reducing transpiration, respiration and ethylene production and reduces the incidence of physiological disorders such as chilling injury in mango and avocado or dehydrated pineapple fruitlets (DPA) and chilling injury damage in pineapples as well as adding an attractive shine.


Post-harvest washing of such fruit produce constitutes a critical point for decay control and food safety. Citrocide® PC and Citrocide® Plus are broad spectrum biocides that control fungi, bacteria, yeast, and viruses. Their use is authorized by AECOSAN as a technological adjuvant and certified as an input for organic farming.

CITROSOL have developed the CITROCIDE® AVOCADO SYSTEM and the CITROCIDE® MANGO SYSTEM for the hygienic washing converting washing machines and wash tanks into Critical Control Points to avoid cross contamination, minimize surface contamination and the internalization of pathogens, in avocado and mango respectively.

In this image we can see the data obtained in a CITROCIDE® AVOCADO SYSTEM throughout a working day. The CITROCIDE® AVOCADO SYSTEM continuously and automatically monitors and controls the concentration of Citrocide® PC in the washing water, maintaining the dose at an optimal level at all times. At the same time, we ensure detailed traceability of the same through a program where the detail of the dosing and control process is recorded.

This system is a guarantee of food safety, as can be seen in these three graphs where the effectiveness of the system in the superficial disinfection of avocado (Hass variety) is shown. (studies carried out by CNTA-Peru in Chincha, August 2016)

PDF Citrocide Avocado System


Fruit coating:

Fruit coating is carried out once the fruit is dry with a system made up of rotating nozzles and brushes that afford a homogeneous application, in addition, they guarantee an efficient coating, without excesses of product and with an excellent visual appearance.

The coatings most suited to tropical fruit would be CITROSOL AK Tropical UE which has been developed to extend the commercial life of tropical fruits such as mango, and CITROSOL AK Avocado UE developed to extend the commercial life of avocado. These coatings are better at controlling weight loss in avocado and mango than other commercially available; they delay the climacteric peak and decrease the production of ethylene and the respiratory rates in avocado. In the case of mango, their “wrinkling” is substantially reduced by its use.

The effects on the production of ethylene and respiration induce a delay in ripening, keeping the fruits firmer for longer plus a certain delay in the evolution of color; delayed ripening increases also resistance to pathogenic fungi. The two coatings CITROSOL AK Avocado EU and CITROSOL AK Tropical EU reduce the levels of decay and chilling injury in avocado and mango respectively. All of the above has been verified in an experimental study carried out by the Department of Postharvest Science of Fresh Produce, from the Agricultural Research Organization of the Volcani Center (ISRAEL) in 2018.

Similarly, we have developed CITROSOL AP UE and CITROSOL AP K UE, both specific coatings for pineapple with very good weight loss control, pulp firmness decrase and control of the incidence of DPA, while allowing a natural evolution of color change.

PDF AK Avocado EU

PDF AK Tropical EU

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