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Line Treatment

Washing of fruit and vegetable produce constitutes a Critical Control Point (CCP) for decay control and food safety. It must guarantee that pathogenic microorganisms do not accumulate in the washing machine so as to avoid cross contamination and contribute to excellent decay control.

The waxing of citrus fruit is an essential process, particularly as washing removes all the natural wax from the fruit. Therefore, the application of a coating allows control over weight loss, delays aging by reducing perspiration and transpiration, and provides an attractive shine.


Post-harvest washing of fruit and vegetable produce constitutes a Critical Control Point (CCP) for decay control and food safety. Citrocide® PC and Citrocide® Plus are broad spectrum biocides that control fungi, bacteria, yeast, and viruses. Its use is authorized by AECOSAN as a technological adjuvants and certified as an input for organic farming. A correct wash contributes enormously to the control of resistance to fungicides in use.

CITROCIDE® ONLINE acts as a “firewall”, turning the washing machine into a Critical Control Point (CCP) avoiding cross contamination, improving food safety and reducing surface contamination that would otherwise shorten the fruit’s commercial life.


Waxing is carried out once the fruit is dry, using a system consisting of rotating head nozzles and brushes that provide a homogeneous coat.

Our Ultra Low Volume (ULV) systems incorporate rotation control, allowing the fruit flow in the dumper to be measured and the amount of wax applied to be adjusted accordingly.

Beyond that, we can incorporate our CITROVISION® SYSTEM which, by measuring the flow of fruit using artificial vision, allows us to homogenize the wax dose in real time

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