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Hygienic Wash

In the post-harvest of tubers, mushrooms and fruits such as persimmon, melon, watermelon and bananas, washing constitutes a critical point for decay control and food safety, as it must inactivate or reduce pathogenic microorganisms.


Post-harvest washing is carried out with the CITROCIDE® SYSTEM, which continuously and automatically monitors and controls the concentration of the Citrocide® PC and Citrocide® PLUS formulations in the washing water, maintaining the optimum dose to always achieve maximum effectiveness.

Our formulations are biocides; Environmentally friendly substances, harmless to humans. Their use is authorized by AECOSAN as a technological adjuvant and certified as an input for use in organic farming.

Decay Control:

The CITROCIDE® SYSTEM acts as a “firewall”, turning the washing machine into a Critical Control Point (CCP) avoiding cross contamination, improving food safety and reducing surface contamination, thus avoiding decay related losses. With our system we inactivate or reduce microorganisms potentially pathogenic for the product and for humans, with the aim of minimizing cross-contamination and reducing decay.

Food Safety:

Our formulations significantly reduce surface contamination from bacteria, fungi and yeasts present before and after being well washed with running tap water or with the Citrocide® System.


Maintaining the washing water free of microorganisms allows it to be reused safely, which results in a significant saving in water for the washing process and the consequent reduction in the industry’s water footprint.

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