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Hygenic washing

In the post-harvest process of fruit and vegetable produce washing constitutes a critical point for the control of decay and food safety, as it is where pathogenic microorganisms are controlled.


Post-harvest washing of fruit and vegetable produce is carried out using CITROCIDE SYSTEM®, which monitor and control the concentration of Citrocide® PC and Citrocide® PLUS in the washing water, always maintaining maximum efficacy. Continual measurement and automatic dosing of the products allow us to guarantee the disinfection of the solution and its full recirculation, reducing the consumption of both water and product, assisting in the mitigation of the industry’s water footprint.

The CITROCIDE SYSTEM® acts as a “firewall”, converting the washing machine into a Critical Control Point (CCP) to avoid cross contamination, improve food safety and reduce surface contamination which would otherwise shorten the shelf life of the produce.

Its use is authorized by AECOSAN as a technological adjuvant and fully certified as an input for Organic farming.


Decay is one of the principal causes of claims on arrival at destination. The effectiveness of our system has been demonstrated at an industrial level in various packinghouses, leaving it clear that not washing is not a viable alternative.

Food safety:

The Citrocide System® works by effectively inactivating all kinds of microorganisms, both those pathogens potentially dangerous to human health and those that cause decay, reducing and even eliminating microbiological contamination on the surface of produce, within the wash water and in the washing machine itself.
Our formulations significantly reduce surface contamination by bacteria, fungi and yeasts.




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