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First treatment

The application of the most suitable post-harvest treatments, as a rule within the first 24 hours of harvest, is the primary strategy to control decay, the principal cause of post-harvest losses in citrus fruit.

Such treatment is usually applied in a Drencher, although when fruit is pre-calibrated, this is done in the online Drencher. Fungicide treatments in an aqueous medium are best to achieve an ideal treatment for the fruit, with effectiveness practically reaching 100%.

With our CITROSOL VERTIDO CERO® SYSTEM alongside our technical support, (our EASY KIT® technology is a tool used for decay control treatment and residue compliance verification, providing immediate on-site test results) we are able to maintain the initial effectiveness of the treatment in drencher, online drencher or tank, as the fungicide solutions remain unaltered and the residue levels homogeneous.


The application of the most suitable post-harvest treatments:

Variability in the application results in variation in the results of decay control and in the level of residues on the fruit. Our CITROSOL DS dosing equipment keeps the initial effectiveness of the treatment solutions constant.

Furthermore, it can communicate with our CITRODATA Platform, for real time management and recording of the process variables (treated Pallets, consumption of fungicides, adjuvants and bio stimulants, water consumption, etc.), providing record reports and traceability.


The Drencher allows treatment of fruit in crates on pallets or directly in bins. Wetting is achieved through channels that emit a continuous sheet of water with sufficient flow to treat all of the fruit.

The treatment can be applied directly on the line, with the online Drench, after dumping and washing. The application of the treatment is carried out using stainless steel flow channels that generate a continuous sheet of water ensuring the complete wetting of all the fruits.




The CITROSOL VERTIDO CERO® System allows the recovery of the solution from the drencher and a reduction in suspended solids, without affecting the fungicide concentrations, adjuvants or bio stimulants, which we maintain constant.

To retain the initial effectiveness of the fungicide treatment in Drencher, online Drench or tank, it is essential that the fungicide solutions remain unchanged, allowing us to also achieve homogeneous residue levels.

This system controls decay issues from cross contamination in the drencher, by keeping the treatment solution clean. In addition, it solves an important environmental problem as it negates the need to discharge used fungicide solutions, allowing complete recycling, even, from one season to the next and thereafter.

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Technical Support:

 Our know-how and the monitoring we undertake guarantees proper management of that first treatment, whether it is done in a drencher, online drench or in a tank.

To supplement our laboratory service, we have developed our EASY KIT®, a portable tool that allows results to be obtained immediately, and in situ.

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