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Cleaning and disinfection

Decreasing the levels of inoculum in the different areas of the packinghouse, especially in bins and in cold storage rooms is essential for decay control as the fruit spends a large part of the time in them, and in consequence contaminant accumulation in the same poses a grave risk for the fruit.

Decreasing the levels of inoculum:

Maintaining hygienic conditions within the plant and its elements is essential to control decay in fruit and vegetables.


The establishment and application of a correct Cleaning and Disinfection (C+D) program within the plant leads to a significant improvement in the results of decay control and to the avoidance of cross contamination by microorganisms pathogenic in humans.


For that reason, cleaning and disinfection of the cold storage chambers is crucial as they can become a reservoir of fungal resistant spores.


Crates and bins used in the field can, by nature, become important reservoirs of pathogen inoculum as their continuous reuse makes them important vectors/transmitters of said pathogens, so every C+D program must include an effective protocol for cleaning them.

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