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“Our pace of work has grown parallel to that of the sector”

The need for basic food for the population has increased the rate of work of agri-food companies and in turn that of their auxiliary suppliers, needed today more than ever. Thus, the Valencian company providing post-harvest fruit and vegetable solutions, Citrosol, continues to operate, supplying all of its clients whilst fully implementing very strict safety precautions. Demand has increased, as our customers are generally experiencing a greater throughput of produce, with which their service needs are growing. “Our workload has increased by 35% compared to the situation prior to the state of alarm, so we have increased our rate of supply commensurately,” confirmed Benito Orihuel, CEO of Citrosol.

Since the beginning of February, it was foreseen that there might be supply problems in active and raw materials and we made sure to prepare for such eventualities. In consequence, we have not had and do not expect to experience any incidents in this regard.

We continue to supply our clients as normal, but with strict preventive/safety measures “We are endeavoring to supply each our clients whilst avoiding unnecessary visits and thus potential exposure to the virus.” The majority of staff are working from home and immunosuppressed personnel along with those at risk due to other pathologies have been supplemented by new contractors. We have established new shifts and have avoided any slowdown in work, “Orihuel details.

We have prepared a series of recommendations for our clients with a guide to preventive measures for disinfection of the fruit and vegetable plant against the coronavirus COVID-19: foot baths, disinfection of footwear soles in access areas and those experiencing higher traffic; the use of nitrile, vinyl, or latex gloves is recommended to carry out all kinds of activities; frequent washing and / or disinfection of gloves / hands; disinfection of commonly used elements, surfaces and work tools on a frequent basis, floors, with the change of each shift. We have also commenced the manufacture of disinfectants for hand and surface and other common elem

The measures implemented at the plant have not caused any slowdown in activity

In addition, at the production level, two shifts have been established in both Manufacturing and Workshop departments, with an interval of 15 minutes between them so that the members of each do not intermingle with each other to reduce the likelihood of mass contagion. Likewise, we have implemented the necessary hygiene measures, such as installing hydroalcoholic gel dispensers throughout the factory to disinfect gloves and hands, and even a personal 1L bottle for each employee; use of masks, closing of the meeting areas, such as the dining room along with virtual or telematic meetings being established to enable any projects in progress to continue. At the same time, Technical-Sales and Electromechanics activity at client’s premises are carried out with the highest personal safety measures in place. Our electromechanical engineers will undertake preventive maintenance of the equipment in question when the corrective repair measures are carried out.

The State of Alarm in Spain has also increased the volume of work for companies supplying the fruit and vegetable sector such as Citrosol, which has seen its demand increase by 35%. Right now, our contribution must be to continue being able to provide our products and services to our customers who, in general, are experiencing a significant increase in orders, pointed out our CEO. CITROSOL has responded pro-actively to the COVID-19 crisis and, at the time of writing, have not experienced any contagion and have been able to serve all of our national and international clients in a timely manner.

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