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Mari Carmen Jimenez. “Women are gradually climbing steps and reaching more prominent positions with decision-making power within companies and institutions.”

Mari Carmen Jimenez. Quality and Registration Manager of CITROSOL interviewed by VALENCIA FRUITS on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Degree Postgraduate in Chemistry, Master’s degree in Quality Management and a Master’s in Food Safety.

“Women are gradually climbing steps and reaching more prominent positions with decision-making power within companies and institutions.”

  1. I have been working in the sector since joining Citrosol in 2009. Previously, working as Director of Quality and Environment in the ceramics industry.
  2. I am in charge of maintaining the quality and environmental management system, as well as the regulatory aspects of the company products at a national level and within the various countries where they are marketed.
  3. The fruit and vegetable sector has traditionally been highly masculinized, leaving women to fill the positions which have less responsibility. However, as is happening in many other areas of society, women are slowly climbing the ladder and acceding to more prominent positions with decision-making power within companies and institutions.

"In order to achieve equality, women have to occupy managerial positions and training and experience are essential."

4. Although the trend is towards the establishment of a more egalitarian society, it is not yet possible to speak of equality between men and women, neither in society in general, nor in our sector in particular. I believe that in order to achieve equality, more women need to occupy managerial positions and, for this, training and experience are essential. In addition, it is necessary to increase the visibility and recognition of the importance of women within the sector.

5. It is very rewarding to belong to a sector that is essential within the food chain. I like to think that we contribute to the supply of fresh and safe food to consumers. I am proud to work every day, side by side with a highly trained team that makes me grow both professionally and personally.

6. In this country we have made great progress in equality policies, although now it is necessary to move forward in their application to achieve an equitable distribution of positions and responsibilities between men and women with equal status and recognition at all levels within companies.

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