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II CITROSOL Postharvest Citrus Webinar series – How to avoid losses and claims in the fresh citrus supply chain. Alternative decay control strategies

This year we are once again resuming the Citrosol webinars to offer the best solutions for the postharvest sector.

CITROSOL is pleased to invite you to our next WEBINAR SERIES that will take place on February 8th, February 10th and March 3rd.

You can register at the following link to the webinar:


February 8th. Consumer Complaints and Shelf-life extension.

The First Loss is the Cheapest. (Jim Jefcoate; Hurdletree Associates Ltd, United Kingdom). 25 minutes.

Jim Jefcoate, ex ASDA and Walmart, has a deep understanding of the citrus supply chain in UK and Europe. Nature and causes for the losses will be stablished and preventive measures will be discussed.

Shelf-life extension. Control of rind aging, staining and breakdown. (Dr. Benito Orihuel; Citrosol, Spain). 25 minutes.

Citrus Shelf-life is shortened by fungal decay and rind damage. Peel damage has been always difficult to control, now CITROSOL has developed new coatings (PlantSeal®️ and CI-Control®️ coatings) that have brought to the packer and exporter much more assurance in the control of rind damages at destination.

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February 10th. Fungicide Resistance manangement and Sour Rot control.

Management of resistance to postharvest fungicides. (Dr. John Golding; NSW Department of Primary Industries, Australia) 25 minutes.

Postharvest fungicides can sometimes fail to work due to the development of resistance by the decay fungi to the fungicide. Fungicide resistance is a serious and important postharvest problem which needs to be actively managed in the packing shed to minimize any potential losses.

Ortocil®️ : excellent tool to control fungicide Resistance and Sour Rot. (Raúl Perelló; Citrosol, Spain) 25 minutes.

A very useful tool to control Resistant fungi strains to other fungicides. Ortocil is also very effective against Sour rot especially in drencher and water tank applications, in fact with almost 100% efficacy is as much effective as Propiconazol or Guazatine. New data will be presented and discussed in this webinar.

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March 3rd. Alternative decay control strategies (“Chem free”)

Alternatives to conventional fungicides, “chem free“, for citrus decay control. (Dr. Samir Droby; Volcani Center, Israel). 25 minutes.

Review of alternative control strategies to conventional chemical fungicides against postharvest citrus decay (green and blue molds). For satisfactory penicillium decay control, this postharvest approach should be part of an integrated disease management (IDM) program taking into consideration different factors involved in the contamination and infection of the fruit by pathogens.

Citrosol alternative, “chem free”, solutions. (Jorge Bretó; Citrosol, Spain) 25 minutes.

The wrongly called “chem free” treatments can´t have so high efficacy as sound conventional fungicide applications but Citrosol keeps advancing in this field, and the data on a new “chem free” treatment with quite high efficacy will be presented and discussed in this webinar.

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