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European leader in technology and post-harvest treatments for fruits and vegetables

We are specialists in closing the gap between the laboratory and industrial results, maintaining freshness and extending the life of fruit and vegetables, so they reach the consumer with all their flavor and of the highest quality, contributing to a reduction in food waste.

About us
  • Citrus fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Tropical fruits
  • Stone fruit
  • Pome fruit
  • Fresh Cut
  • Others
  • Organic farming

News and events

The Citrocide® Systems

Citrocide® Systems continue to stimulate great interest in the postharvest sector, being, as they are, advanced systems for the hygienic washing of fruit and vegetable produce. To obtain a more in depth understanding, we interviewed Martín Mottura, one of our PhDs, who instigated the development of this system back in 2010, so that he could shed some light on how this innovative system was created.

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At Citrosol we are renewing our social commitment to sport during the Covid era

Citrosol’s ‘new normal’ is to redouble the effort we were making prior to the arrival of the coronavirus in our country. One of the mainstays of our commitment is upholding Corporate Social Responsibility. Over the last few years, Citrosol has been supporting grassroots sport in the Safor region of Valencia, where we are based, and we did not want summer 2020 to be an exception so, we are once again sponsoring the Gandía Surf School.

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Citrosol develops the first two coatings for use on organically grown citrus fruit in their R&D center

Commitment to science and research pays dividends. As a result of our work philosophy, Citrosol scientists have developed the first coatings for the organic segment. Having been thoroughly tested and assessed to have attained the highest levels of effectiveness, the La Safor company has now begun to publish the advantages that its use brings to organic citrus and apple producers and exporters.

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