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Fruitlogistica 2020

Citrosol’s new BioCare range and the avocado, a fashionable crop all over the planet and produced as such, aroused interest among the many professional clients who visited the Citrosol stand in Berlin, including the president of the Valencian Community, Ximo Puig, who wanted to see for himself, the new solutions being exhibited at the Citrosol stand in Hall 18. Benito Orihuel reflected on what our outstanding presence at one of the main fruit and vegetable fairs worldwide has meant for the company.

The avocado is an emerging crop and, without doubt, has been one of the leading crops in Berlin; the growth of this crop is exponential. The Avocado CITROCIDE® SYSTEM provides a radical improvement in food safety, turning the washing machine into a Critical Control Point; a barrier that prevents cross contamination and minimizes surface contamination on the avocado. Our System also significantly reduces the incidence of peduncular mold that may otherwise become manifest during storage and / or shipping.

If we talk about the trends in exportation and post-harvest utilization of this crop, they are aimed toward the opening up new markets where they are beginning to be consumed. Export to distant markets, such as India and China, is increasing year on year and at the same time the more mature destination markets are increasingly demanding higher quality. Our CITROSOL AK Paltas UE coating controls weight loss and maintains firmness without interfering with the color evolution of the fruit during the ripening process. Furthermore, it controls internal blackening that may appear as a consequence of chilling injury invoked during refrigerated transport.

These advantages, provided by the coating, have a substantial impact on the reduction of waste at destination and extend the shelf life of the fruit which is essential to be able to serve more remote markets.

In addition, organic agriculture, a form enjoying a boom at the moment, has led us to respond to the part of the sector known as ecological treatments, with alternatives to synthetic fungicides. Citrosol presented the BioCare by Citrosol line at this fair, which comprises of post-harvest treatments certified for input in organic production; a complete range of treatments from the drencher to on-line treatments through to a wax with ecological certification, Citrosol® AK BIO; the first wax in the sector to be certified as an input in organic production. This coating wax is in high demand as it offers a great shine and provides excellent control over weight loss, delaying the aging of the fruit by reducing respiration and transpiration.

In summary, what we have been able to observe at the fair is that what is being sought in citrus production are increasingly effective and efficient treatments. More effective because they want to reach ever more distant destinations and thus the need to extend the commercial life of the fruit and more efficient in terms of the use of resources lessening their environmental impact.

The new Citrosol AK TROPICALES UE coating

Over the three days of the fair, countless customers and visitors passed by the Citrosol stand to satisfy their interest in the latest developments. Among them, a new wax for mango, Citrosol AK TROPICALES UE; a major revolution given mango consumption in Spain has increased more than 200 percent in the last five years. In relation to marketing within the European Union, taking into account national production, Spain ranks as the second largest mango market, with over 17 percent of the total.

Our coating has been developed specifically for increasing the commercial life of tropical fruit such as the mango. It mitigates chilling injury, which would otherwise end up being a pathway for the penetration of pathogenic fungi, and in consequence also reduces the incidence of decay. Furthermore, it prevents wrinkling of the mango whilst retaining its firmness.

Citrocide System Fresh-Cut

As a result of Aquafresh, a European project, Citrocide System Fresh-Cut has been developed, which together with the KRONEN hardware and the recently granted expansion of safe uses by AESAN allows us to “export” our effective and proven model for washing, disinfecting and reusing the water to minimally processed produce.

An industrial pilot with iceberg lettuce, baby leaf and carrot in Vega Mayor (Florette) were concluded successfully a few months ago.

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