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Citrosol to attend Fruit Logistica 2023 with the solutions demanded by the market

The Valencian firm will make their BIOCARE Range, their PlantSeal® coating, their Citrocide® Fresh-Cut System and their latest launch, CitroFy, available to the public at the Berlin fair

From 8-10 February, the German capital will once more gather together the main players in the fruit and vegetable sector worldwide within the framework of Fruit Logistica. Citrosol is attending the edition together with a delegation from FLC Technologies to “provide information about our services to customers and visitors who wish to come to our stand, first-hand”, underlined the CEO of the Potríes brand, Jorge Bretó. Citrosol will be exhibiting on stand A-25 in hall 18 and will have a new design for this edition “generating a more powerful visual impact” for those attending the fair.

As it is an unmissable event for clients from all over the world, the company’s director of International Operations, Raúl Perelló, pointed out and that “Citrosol personnel from abroad will also travel to Berlin to attend to visitors from international markets, where we are also offering our services and products”.

Citrosol will be exhibiting on stand A-25 in hall 18 and will have a new design for this edition "generating a more powerful visual impact" for those attending the fair.

Technological tools

Citrosol has a firm and continuous commitment to technological development and Fruit Logistica is the ideal setting for the international launch of Citrofy, a platform that affords real-time connection of systems and control of application parameters with access from almost any device with internet connection.

Throughout the three days of the fair, the company will carry out demonstrations so that visitors can see the system working live and see how it operates. A unique opportunity to access this technology and learn about all of its advantages at the hands of Citrosol professionals.

Ranges driven by market demand

Notwithstanding technological tools, organic and vegan products continue to be a trend in the market and users are increasingly demanding solutions that can be used in less conventional agriculture. The BIOCARE by Citrosol range is presented as an ally for mitigating food waste, with special prominence given to PlantSeal®, plant-based wax coatings, which exert excellent control over discolouring due to chilling injury that typically occurs during cold quarantine of food or prolonged refrigerated transport.

Another of the solutions most in demand is the Citrocide® Fresh-Cut System for hygienic washing of fresh cut and minimally processed fruit and vegetables. The most significant achievement of this system is that it improves food safety by minimizing the risk of cross contamination through water or the washing process whilst generating huge savings in energy and a reduced water and carbon footprint by maintaining the wash water in a hygienic condition for far longer, thus facilitating its recirculation. Visitors to Fruit Logistica 2023 will be able to learn about the characteristics of these innovative products and those committed to sustainability at the firm’s stand.

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