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Citrosol shares the keys to success in business with students at Valencia University

The Valencian firm imparted the secrets of success in business with the students of the Gandía Campus of the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia) through their innovative solutions.

Coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8, Citrosol held a training session for the students of the Gandía Campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) under the umbrella heading ‘The Secrets of business success – Skills Up Gandía’.

This course, arranged by Cátedra Innovación of which Citrosol is a patron, was given by Dr. Javier Parra (Director of R&D+i at Citrosol) and Raül Domínguez (Manager of Application Systems at Citrosol). The title of the talk was “Citrosol and technological innovation: a sustainable future in the post-harvest fruit and vegetable sector” its objective being to demonstrate how Citrosol’s business success comes through its innovations.

The UPV students were given the opportunity to see inside the Citrosol factory after the CEO of the company, Jorge Bretó, and the mayoress of Potríes and President of the Association of Municipalities of La Safor, Assumpta Domínguez, welcomed them to see «The Secrets». The President acknowledged that “Citrosol is a benchmark in business, not only for Potríes, but for the entire Community.”

President of the Association of Municipalities of La Safor, Assumpta Domínguez, acknowledged that "Citrosol is a benchmark in business, not only for Potríes, but for the entire Community."

Citrosol introduced the students to its post-harvest solutions, as well as the products and technologies with which they work. Parra and Domínguez outlined the four strategic principles followed by Citrosol: circular economy, maximization of efficacy, precision post-harvest, and customer service.


Differing innovations in post-harvest matters were shared with the students; including the evolution of growth in this area over the years, from back in 2008 with Citrosol A S, through to the today’s technologies, such as the Biocare line, PlantSeal, CI -Control, Citrocide Fresh-Cut and the CitroFy Systems, amongst others.

The speakers extolled the virtues of the Citrocide Hygienic Washing System, which has diversified the breadth of its application to treat, not just citrus produce, but a variety of other fruits and vegetables and which, at the same time, facilitates the management of a precision post-harvest by continuously and automatically monitoring and controlling the concentration of Citrocide in the washing water, thus saving on both energy and water resources.

The Zero Waste System was also afforded great weight within the talk, as Citrosol has pioneered it’s development for drenchers and “online drenchers” for over 10 years now, with objectives based on the elimination of solids, effective continuous disinfection and the protection of the rind thus reaching maximum effectiveness in the control of citrus decay.

Finally, after the talk, the students were asked to voice their opinions, doubts and concerns regarding the intervention during a question and answer session.

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