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Citrosol is backing technological development at Fruit Attraction

The Valencian brand, Citrosol, European leader in technology and post-harvest treatments for fruit and vegetables, is to attend Fruit Attraction 2022 with two clear objectives: to present its most innovative solutions and to improve the experience of both national and international clients.

Fruit Attraction has become the fair of reference for world trade in fruit and vegetable produce, as well as being a meeting point where each and every one of the links in the fruit and vegetable sector come together. In this 2022 edition, Citrosol will be present at IFEMA to present its most efficient, effective, ecological and comprehensive solutions from October 4 to 6 at stand E-14 in Hall 3.

Participation forecasts for this edition of Fruit Attraction are optimistic, with numbers similar to those in 2019, the last pre-pandemic edition, being expected when we saw figures of 90,000 professionals and 1,800 exhibiting companies. Given these expectations, Citrosol will be moving a significant part of its technical and commercial team to Madrid to afford an exceptional service to customers and visitors who wish to come to the stand, which this year will have an attractive re-design intended to offer an enhanced visual impact and greater ease of interaction with visitors.

The Citrosol range

Among the products that the Valencian firm will exhibit in Madrid at this edition are BIOCARE by CITROSOL, PlantSeal® coatings, the Citrocide® FRESH-CUT system and CitroFy, a system that allows real-time connection of all procedures and control of its application parameters, with which Citrosol is demonstrating its commitment to technological development.

Citrosol’s experience reaffirms that any post-harvest treatment requires application management, as the timing and traceability of all processes must be respected. Citrosol, in its clear commitment to developing and implementing new technologies in the sector, is to present CitroFy, a system that allows real-time connection of all process procedures and control of their application parameters, with access from any device connected to Internet.

The application shows the consumption of fungicides, coatings and water, from arrival of the fruit into the plant through to its dispatch, in real time and by lot. It can also record pertinent information and generate customized reports, guaranteeing complete traceability of all processes. Furthermore, it is focused on the individual user since it can be tailored such that each operator will only see the actions that pertain to their needs.

Products receiving special attention in this edition will include the range known as BIOCARE by CITROSOL. This is the first comprehensive selection of products for the post-harvest treatment of citrus fruits certified as inputs for organic farming. The range encompasses all the phases of the post-harvest process with a fungistatic to control decay, a technological adjuvant for washing and a natural wax coating, plus all are in keeping with the organic and vegan products that continue to trend in the market and are experiencing ever increasing demand from users.

Plant based coatings will also occupy an important place at the Citrosol stand. More specifically, the PlantSeal® solutions – Shine-Free and Tropicals, certified both as organic and suitable for vegan consumption, giving the fruit a natural, almost imperceptible, shine similar to a non-waxed fruit. Furthermore, they extend the commercial life of the fruit by mitigating losses caused by aging, such as discoloring of mamelon in lemons and providing excellent control of cold spots during storage and prolonged refrigerated transport.

Citrosol will be present at IFEMA to present its most efficient, effective, ecological and comprehensive solutions from October 4 to 6 at stand E-14 in Hall 3.

Food safety and sustainability

One of the challenges of post-harvest management is to achieve maximum food safety within a sustainable framework. To these ends, the hygienic washing of minimally processed fruit and vegetable produce (Range IV) is essential to avoid cross-contamination, improve food safety and reduce surface contamination that would otherwise shorten the commercial life of the fruit. Citrosol has developed the Citrocide® FRESH-CUT System for this process, controlling the concentration of this substance and maintaining the optimal dose in the wash water at all times, allowing maximum efficacy to be achieved. This will also be one of the systems offered an important presence at the fair.

The system acts by effectively deactivating all types of microorganisms, such as pathogens potentially dangerous to human health, in addition to reducing the microbiological load on the fruit’s surface, avoiding contamination of the pulp. In addition, using the Citrocide® System, significantly reduces the water and energy consumption used in washing, improving sustainability by reducing both the water footprint and the carbon footprint of the industry.

About Citrosol

Citrosol is a Valencian company that is a European leader in technology and post-harvest treatments for fruit and vegetables, with a clear vocation for innovation that has been maintained since its creation and one that has allowed it to always remain firmly at the forefront of its sector.

Currently, Citrosol has delegations in the autonomous regions of Murcia, Andalusia and, of course, Valencia. At an international level, Citrosol is present in all the principal citrus and fruit growing areas of the world, offering its products and services in more than 22 countries. It also has its own staff in Egypt and Peru and a subsidiary in South Africa.

In recognition of their efforts and research paths, Citrosol was awarded the Cepyme Technological Innovation Award in 2015, an honor they received for a second time in 2020, in recognition of their scientific and innovative work, plus the Valencia Chamber’s award for innovation in a company also in 2020.

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