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Citrosol extends global footprint

The postharvest solutions specialist is winning over new customers in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Since launching its Zero Waste System more than ten years ago, Citrosol has put sustainability at the heart its development of postharvest solutions for the fresh produce industry. Now the company is set to publish the results of research that quantifies the water and energy savings they have helped their customers to achieve.

“An in-depth study of packhouse data provided by all of our Spanish customers shows that in this past year alone, our Zero Waste System has allowed them to save more than 12m litres of water, while also reducing the generation of hazardous waste,” says marketing director Encarna Martí.

“At the same time, we calculate that our low drying temperature coatings helped our global customers to cut CO2 emissions by almost 2,000 tonnes in 2020 compared to if they had used conventional drying coatings.”

The company is now preparing to share the findings with the market, once the data has been converted into an easily digestible format.

Citrosol carries out extensive market research in order to anticipate the needs of customers and wider society, and Martí says several new product launches can be expected in the coming years. These will include new o ˛erings in its BioCare range of organic treatments, as well as in its treatments for the fresh-cut market resulting from its partnership with German machine specialist Kronen.

“At the same time, we calculate that our low drying temperature coatings helped our global customers to cut CO2 emissions by almost 2,000 tonnes in 2020 compared to if they had used conventional drying coatings.”

Citrosol has undergone a period of remarkable international expansion in recent years, particularly in big exporting countries such as Peru and South Africa, where it has a sales subsidiary.

“Our solutions provide a lot of value for fruit exporters, helping to extend the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables and allowing them to reach more distant markets and reduce losses during transportation, processing and distribution,” says Citrosol’s international director Raúl Perelló.

“In the case of Peru, and especially in avocados, reaching more distant and demanding markets requires excellent postharvest handling. We provide two solutions that can double the commercial life of avocados: Citrocide Avocado System and the Citrosol AK Avocado UE Coating. The former reduces the incidence of pedicle mould, while the later minimises weight loss and pulp necrosis caused by cold damage.

Elsewhere in Latin America, the company is now getting established in countries like Colombia, Argentina and Chile, while other markets that have grown considerably in recent years include Egypt, Turkey and Israel.

More recently, it has turned its attention to expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, where solutions like the Citrosol Zero Spill System and PlantSeal vegetable coatings are winning over new customers in markets like Australia and Vietnam.



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