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Citrosol and Valencia Fruits, a common trajectory

Time passes inexorably; a great truth, which leads us to understand that there is nothing we can do to stop the advance of time. Everything that we have experienced as human beings, as entities, is associated with a moment in that time axis that marks the life history of each one, and as a survival mechanism lesson, to reinforce or to forget our experiences.

In the past, exploits were passed on by word of mouth, sometimes leaving the reality to be far from what was told. It has not been until recent times that modern communication has afforded us more rigorous and multitudinous data, and where society has begun to demand that information sources be compared in order to use the data as a basis for opinion or criteria for choice.

It is in this area that media such as Valencia Fruits begin to develop shape and take on meaning among certain forums that forcefully demand that someone tell them first-hand what is happening in their field or in what they were looking to embark on. This happens, accompanied by a general desire to change the scenario, to want things to happen, to fight in order to generate change, to leave our comfort zone or to enter paths not yet travelled. The sharing of information specific to the sector has allowed us to gather ideas, to mitigate doubts, to trace new paths when seeing opportunities and threats, to analyze the options, to protect ourselves from possible external factors that may affect progress towards the objective pursued and, little by little, to have laid the foundations for what we have today.

Valencia Fruits has known how to reinvent itself and adapt to the reality of each moment, with sections that we have followed closely from edition to edition. In this way, readers have been able to keep themselves informed with the chronicles and opinions of the most relevant firms within the sector.

Citrosol, as a result of our diligence, have been assimilating the information offered by the market, piece by piece, and building the pillars of growth for our business. Information is power, and thanks to that information we appreciate what our clients need, form our essence and establish the course to follow as a company, although this has not been easy.

In order to place ourselves as a benchmark company in the Postharvest sector, we have invested heavily in R&D+i, demanding more and more of ourselves, placing our customers foremost and thinking about what we can do to provide them with what they really need, both at the product level and as a service; seeking to be trail blazing, to generate impact and striving to leave our mark.

Valencia Fruits has accompanied us in this process, channeling our message to the world. It has been a meeting place for all the participants (farmers, packinghouses, distributors, consumers and other collaborators) and has given us all the opportunity to grow, keeping us up to date with what is happening in our sector, delivering up to date news over the last six decades of Spanish citrus and horticulture in general, and with greater focus on the Valencian Region.

Valencia Fruits has known how to reinvent itself and adapt to the reality of each moment, with sections that we have followed closely from edition to edition. In this way, readers have been able to keep themselves informed with the chronicles and opinions of the most relevant firms within the sector. The best reporters within the citrus sector have always passed through Valencia Fruits, those such as Paco Borrás, Cirilo Arnandis, Gonzalo Gayo’s Open Tribune, and articles from Inmaculada Sanfeliu, among others.

We can only wish for Valencia Fruits on its 60th anniversary, that it continues to report the current state of the sector, with essential information and content for its members, and hope that it continues adding decades and more successes to its history, being a benchmark for all of us who impatiently await each edition every week.


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Citrosol solutions come to the fore in the 14th International Citrus Congress in Turkey

The Valencian firm supported the congress held in Mersin between November 6 and 11 as its main sponsor. From 6-11 November, the Turkish city of Mersin was proud to host, the 14th International Citrus Congress, a forum where numerous scientific activities, conferences and workshops were undertaken with the aim of highlighting the importance of citrus fruit at a global level and to determine the factors and new policies that will set out the future of the market. Citrosol, as the main sponsor of the Congress, has had the opportunity for researchers, growers and citrus operators around the world to learn about its work and its product catalog so they may "verify through our scientific rigor and spirit of continuous improvement that we are indeed the leaders in post-harvest citrus protection”, stated the CEO of the company, Jorge Bretó, weighing up the firm’s presence at the Congress.

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Interview with Jorge Bretó about Fruit Attraction 2022

"Fruit Attraction: an unmissable event for Citrosol" Citrosol can affirm that the influx of the public and the increase in number of exhibitors are the two key features that have made Fruit Attraction 2022 stand out; a meeting place where the presence of national and international clients represents a great commercial opportunity where our solutions and post-harvest treatments can be shared. At this edition, our solutions for avocados and the launch of the CitroFy platform have aroused great interest amongst professionals within the sector.

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Citrocide® Solutions Avocado and PlantSeal® Tropicals arouse great interest at Fruit Attraction

The Valencian company, Citrosol, has been able to display its credentials as a leading company in post-harvest treatments and technologies for fruit and vegetable produce by exhibiting at the 14th edition of Fruit Attraction. With avocado taking the limelight for both national and international clients, the Citrocide® Avocado solution, a technology for the hygienic washing of avocados, and PlantSeal® Tropicals, a plant-based coating, have enjoyed the starring role at the Citrosol stand during the fair. Another launch which also drew intense interest amongst the visitors was the CitroFy platform, a technology developed by Citrosol that affords improved management of post-harvest processes.

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