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Citrocide® Solutions Avocado and PlantSeal® Tropicals arouse great interest at Fruit Attraction

The Valencian company, Citrosol, has been able to display its credentials as a leading company in post-harvest treatments and technologies for fruit and vegetable produce by exhibiting at the 14th edition of Fruit Attraction. With avocado taking the limelight for both national and international clients, the Citrocide® Avocado solution, a technology for the hygienic washing of avocados, and PlantSeal® Tropicals, a plant-based coating, have enjoyed the starring role at the Citrosol stand during the fair. Another launch which also drew intense interest amongst the visitors was the CitroFy platform, a technology developed by Citrosol that affords improved management of post-harvest processes.

The Fruit Attraction international fair continues to grow with an edition that has recovered to pre-pandemic figures and that has re-established normality for clients visiting from abroad. Many of these countries and professionals are producers and exporters of avocado, which explains why the Citrosol stand aroused such great interest in the Citrocide® Avocado System, a technology for hygienic washing of avocados that offers a guarantee of food safety, reducing the superficial contamination of the avocado and minimizing the risks of cross contamination; and PlantSeal® Tropicals, a plant-based coating that is able to mitigate up to 84% of the internal necrosis of the fruit resulting from cold damage, is certified for vegan consumption and is in the process of receiving certification as an organic input (EU). Using Citrocide® Avocado System and PlantSeal® Tropicals, the commercial life of the avocado is doubled, allowing it to reach more distant destinations with greater guarantees and reduced losses. Furthermore, both of these solutions are authorized for all destinations.

"During the fair we have already been sharing with customers the advantages of CitroFy technology, which is already installed in several customers and has been very well received," explains Jorge Bretó.

Biocare by Citrosol product range

In the citrus section, the PlantSeal® plant-based coatings from the Biocare by Citrosol product range have continued to pique visitors’ interest. PlantSeal® and PlantSeal® Shine-Free —certified for organic agriculture (EU) and suitable for vegan consumption, with the V-label license approved (vegan seal)— respond to the demand of the organic sector that is continually growing and in need of new tools with which to tackle the export challenge with guarantees.

Technological boost

Over the course of the fair, the Valencian company presented the CitroFy platform, a system that affords the connection of all processes in real-time and control of their application parameters, with access from almost any device with an Internet connection. The application shows the consumption of fungicides, coatings and water, from the fruit’s entrance into the plant to departure, in real time and by lot. You are also able to record information and generate customized reports, guaranteeing complete traceability of all processes.

Fruit Attraction is the ideal location to reaffirm Citrosol’s clear commitment to developing and implementing new technologies in the sector. “Throughout the fair, we have been sharing the advantages of this technology with clients, which is already installed into several clients’ premises and has been widely acclaimed”, explained Jorge Bretó.

The CEO of the company concluded that “on balance this edition has been positive. Fruit Attraction continues to grow and it is clear that for us it is the most important meeting point within the national market. For Citrosol it is an unmissable event. Thanks to it being held at exactly the right time or year, it is managing to attract an increasing number of international clients”.

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