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30 of 30. Noelia Ruiz García: “There isn’t any resistance to change, just more time to adapt “

30 of 30. Noelia Ruiz García: “There isn’t any resistance to change, just more time to adapt “.
REVISTA MERCADOS continues to give visibility to young people in the sector in its 30 out of 30 section. On this occasion they interview Noelia Ruiz García, our Project Manager in the Citrosol IT department. 33 years old.

Since the 2008 financial crisis we have seen that many of the most highly educated or experienced employee profiles have emigrated or offered their services abroad with very low rates of return, despite the policies that successive governments have implemented to try to persuade them to return to Spain.

In Noelia Ruiz’s case, our interviewee on this occasion for our 30 of 30 section, we see that maybe she is one of the exceptions that prove the rule, of course there are thousands, but compared to those who leave, Spain continues to lose talent, and even more so in the science and research fields, which are the ones that provide added value to sectors with high levels of R&D.

Ruiz studied Computer Engineering, at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, “it’s a degree where the challenge in the analysis and resolution of problems, as well as its creativity and innovation, prompted me to view it as a profession of continual learning” explained Noelia. In addition, in 2013 she had the opportunity to do her final dissertation at the Technical University of Munich, (Germany). Upon her return, she complemented her studies by completing a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and in November 2014, Citrosol offered her the opportunity to become part of the company’s IT department, where she currently continues to work.

Over the last 8 years or so, her progression has continued; having begun her professional career in a more technical position she has gradually evolved to become the project leader to implement the new ERP in the company. “In 2017-18 the need for a change in the management system was recognized; the technological requirements and the growth of the company led us to propose the said change for an improved information management and process optimization system”.

"It is important to explain and generate awareness of all the opportunities that exist within the sector"

In 2019, the company made it a priority to implement the change, “it was a significant challenge, both at a professional and a technical level, and it proved rewarding with a day-on-day learning curve that demonstrated a before and an after,” recalls Ruiz. During this time, she commented that she learned to empathize with the team, “the complexity of my job is to understand the problems that users have, evaluate them at a technical level and then design the programming such that the proposed solution meets their needs and expectations; that is enormously satisfying.”

Although her day-to-day work at Citrosol does not involve direct contact with production or sales, she is acutely aware of the potential for growth and improvement that exists in companies within the fruit and vegetable sector, “computerization is going to provide a large amount of information with which better and more efficient informed decisions will be made.

She also gives us an insight into the incorporation of younger people in Citrosol, where there is a “mix” of younger people and more senior colleagues. The latter, as a result of their experience in the sector have a more traditional way of working, but far from demonstrating a reluctance to change, have shown an even more progressive adaptation than their younger colleagues, explained Ruiz.

Noelia concluded, with a message that is already becoming common to the more recent staff interviewed, “it is important to explain and generate awareness of all the opportunities that exist within the sector”, a changing sector with a wealth of technology available to exploit the knowledge of R&D present in our everyday life.

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