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Planes de Mejora de la Calidad y sistemáticas de Control de Calidad

Our technical and scientific teams possess the knowledge and capacity to tailor  post-harvest processes, with special emphasis on those that are most relevant to extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables and decrease the incidence of claims citing a less than adequate condition of the fruit at destination. At the start we provide a diagnosis and then establish a commensurate Improvement Plan to tailor your post-harvest processes. The implementation of our improvement actions will enhance the condition of the fruit at destination.

We can complement these Quality Improvement actions, with the design and implementation of improvements in the Quality Control system in place, improving existing or establishing new control procedures for post-harvest processes: Quality Control of the processes and of the fruit.

Acciones y metodologías para la realización del diagnóstico:

Desarrollo de sistemas y tratamientos postcosecha personalizados

In order to cover the specific needs of client or a product in particular, we undertake an analysis of the possible solutions and alternatives that may apply, develop and test them both in our laboratory and in our pilot plant, and then carry out industrial monitoring to verify the correct operation of the system.


As part of our commitment to society to mitigate fruit and vegetable produce loss, we offer our post-harvest know-how in training sessions, seminars and on-site “in Company” workshops for staff operating packinghouses and Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, “Service providers” , and to the same distribution chains. The objective of these is to impart critical post-harvest concepts, practical knowledge and tools to improve the condition of fruit arrivals and fruit management in the service provider and distribution chain premises.

Example of “In Company” workshop:


1. Biology of decay.
2. Postharvest physiological disorders.
3. Appropriate handling of fruit Post-harvest.
4. Post-harvest treatments and their correct application to reduce industrial variability.
5. Quality procedures.

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